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I hear it’s teamwork that makes the dream work!


I help primary and secondary administrators improve their systems of support for students through various professional development experiences. Keep scrolling to learn more!


Consulting & Professional Development

Whether you’re just getting started or seeking support to improve your supports for students, we have the answer!

Self-Paced Course

A virtual course designed to guide you through developing and implementing a multi-tiered system of support for students.

School-based Consulting

School/District level support designed to help leaders develop a multi-tiered system of support. Consulting services are comprehensive and involve strategic planning and professional development for all staff.

Strategic Planning (Coaching)

Strategic planning is designed for leaders who need a little guidance and support strengthening their current systems of support for students.

Increasing support for students using

all pieces of the puzzle…

Supporting students involves more hands than that of teachers. Your school counselor, social workers, school psychologists, instructional aids/assistants, families, and community organizations all hold vital pieces to the puzzle.

“Mrs. Cockrell demonstrates through her actions, a deep commitment to students, parents, staff, and the larger community. The courage and integrity that she continues to display as she advocates on behalf of equitable services and support for all students is admirable and appreciated.”

Christina L.

Counseling Coordinator, BUSD

“The way she interacts with colleagues brings a sense of ease and willingness to try new techniques. To students, their families, and staff, it brings a sense of trust and openness to accept support.”

Tina L.

Student Services Coordinator, BUSD

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